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What is Hishabee’s SMS Marketing? How and Why should you use it?

With Hishabee SMS Marketing you can send SMS to your customer, supplier, and employees from a single screen. You can buy SMS packs within the app. Due Notice can be sent by Hishabee SMS Marketing.

Why should you use Hishabee’s SMS Marketing

Hishabee allows you to easily send SMS to customer, supplier, and employees. Here is why you should use this feature:

✅ Send Notice to due list customer’s through SMS
✅ Easily send SMS to anyone within the app
✅ Easily buy SMS packs Within the app
✅ 30 Free SMS every month
✅ Send same SMS to multiple person

How to use Hishabee’s SMS Marketing

  1. Input the phone number you want to send message.
  2. You can categorized the list as Customer or Worker or Supplier.
  3. Get the phone number from your phonebook.
  4. Type your message here.
  5. tap to send the message.
  6. See how many SMS do you have. And to buy new SMS click here.