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What is the Transaction List? How and Why should you use it?

Transaction List:

Transaction List is a very useful feature that all businesses need in day to day operations to keep track of all their sales and transactions. This allows a business to get access to the history of transactions on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis. See and compare sales and also change existing transactions and process refunds for purchases. Business owners can keep track of all transactions and maintain their stock easily. 


✅ The sales history of any day or time can be seen with one click.
✅ Sales history can be filtered by days, weeks, months or even years.
✅ Get a lifetime cloud backup of data with full details of each sale stored securely and safely.
✅ All details of the employee or customer who was in part of the transaction can be tracked easily.
✅ Any transaction edit, refund or change account can be edited from one place.

How to use Transaction List :

  1. You can filter the transactions history by clicking left or right button. You can select Day, Week, Month, and Year for quick filtering of transactions.
  2. You can see the total selling history here. Tap on any transaction to see the transaction details, inside you will find more options such as to print a receipt, share a receipt or edit a transaction.