What is Sell Option? How and Why should you use it?

Sell Option:

 The sell option is the POS system especially designed for SME retailers. It has been designed to provide the most efficient way to keep track of sales and inventory. This allows business owners to collect payment in cash, digital payment and also create due sales


✅You will be able to keep an account by writing the name and price of the product very quickly
✅ Quick sell can be done by scanning Barcodes
✅ Products can be easily selected from the product list
✅ Storage numbers will be updated automatically
✅ Can be filtered according to different categories

How to use Sell Option:

  1. You can find and sell products in 4 ways in the sell option
  2. Above all on the screen, you can select the product by searching or scanning the barcode from the scan option.
  3. Below this there is a quick sell option. This option allows you to sell quickly with the product name and price
  4. You can quickly select and sell any product from all the products next to the sale.
  5. You can see the product category next to all the products, you can select the product from any category and sell it.
  6. From the blue question icon on the top right you can see the video of Use Usage, in full Bengali.
  7. You can see the product list in Grid View or List View by clicking on the icon next to the blue question icon.