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How Can You Win Gifts From Hishabee Referral Program?

Hishabee Referral Program:

You can amazing gifts by participating in Hishabee Referral Program. You earn points whenever a person downloads, signs up, and opens shop with your referral code. Whenever your referred user buys a subscription or products from Hishabee shop you earn points. Redeem points to win gifts.

How can you participate and win gifts from referral program

Earn Money from Hishabee Referral program
Hishabee Referral program
  1. Select to see your Sales target, Referral dashboard, and Leaderboard.
  2. You can go to hishabee dealer program from here.
  3. This section shows how many users you need to sign up before becoming a dealer.
  4. This section will showcase ongoing offers and stuff.
  5. Your referral link and code can be found here. you can copy the code or directly share it from the app. Users have to use this code when they sign up.
  6. This section describes how many points you earn from the activities of users. Please scroll down to see Referral Dashboard Tutorial

Referral Dashboard

Earn Taka from Dashboard
  1. Select Referral Dashboard to access this menu
  2. Select how you want to see report. You can get reports by day, week, month, or year.
  3. Specify the selected date, week month, year
  4. Here detailed report on points earned will be shown by categories
  5. Go to this menu to convert your points to gifts.
  6. Select this to your referred users list. Scroll down to see a tutorial of referral leaderboard.

Referral Leaderboard

Taka earned from Users
  1. Select this to see to to Leaderboard menu
  2. Latest point update is shown here
  3. This section shows Top three earners from Hishabee Referral program.
  4. This section shows 5 more top earners and your position in the leaderboard.