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What is Product List? How and Why should you use it?

Product List:

The product list is a useful feature offered by Hishabee business manager. This is an advanced inventory management feature which seamlessly manages your Inventory. This inventory management feature is integrated with an easy to use POS system allowing to automate the process for all SME retailers.


✅ All product counts will be automatic with each sale.
✅ The stock or other history of any product can be known at any moment.
✅ All products can be accounted for with adequate details.
✅ Even if sold in an online shop, the number of products in the product list will be updated automatically.
✅ You can easily find the product by scanning the barcode.

How to use Product List:

  1. Search your desired product here. you can filter it or scan by the barcode scanner.
  2. Here is the list of your products which is already added.
  3. Click here to add new product.