What is Online Shop? How and Why should you use it?

Online Shop:

Online shops allow retailers and business owners to create a personalized e-commerce store within 1 minute. The online shop is your own personalized online store where you can sell to customers through an online platform. The Online Store feature is designed to have a secured payment gateway integrated with it. Allowing business owners to sell anywhere in Bangladesh. Take your local store to online. You can also use Hishabee’s delivery partner’s services to fulfill the orders.


✅ Own e-commerce website can be fully managed from the mobile app
✅ You will always find many new customers in the huge online channel
✅ You can choose to do the delivery yourself and get some extra income.
✅ Otherwise you can use Hishabee’s Delivery Partner’s very affordably priced services.
✅ You can take digital payment from any MFS, Card or any digital source.
✅ Customer can free live chat from your site.
✅ Multiple themes to choose from
✅ Get your own domain connected.

How to use Online Shop:

  1. From your dashboard go to the “Advance” section and select “Online Shop”
  2. First you will get the site visit option. This option allows you to visit your own online store.
  3. With the link share option you can easily share your online shop on other platforms including social media.
  4. Below this is the amount of ongoing orders, total product volume and total revenue
  5. Take a look at the messages of your customers in the online message option
  6. In the store settings you will find the option to publish or not publish the shop, the option to place the shop logo, the option to place the shop banner, the link to your online store, the link to social media and the option to change the store name, address, type, area.
  7. In the order list you can see the three steps of the order, in the new order option you will see the list of new orders, amount of money and quantity of goods, you can see the details of the order by pressing on any one order such as customer information, order information, delivery address, payment method, Ordered product information, receipt download and sharing options. If all goes well, you can send it to the running step with an exception or reject it. Then you can see the accepted orders in the running step, here you can enter the running order in the processing, then in the shipment, and when the shipment is done in the delivered, at the end of the completed order, the order will go in the complete step.
  8. You can add new products from the online product options, here you can see all the products published online, selling price, stock number, and delivery charge. If you press on any product, you will see the product description.
  9. You can use Hishabee’s delivery partners to deliver the product from the delivery option.
  10. You can watch the video of using the online store from the blue question icon on the top right, in full Bengali.