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Create Online e-commerce shop or Webstore in 1 minute in Bangladesh

Online Shop or Web Ecommerce Store:

You can create a personalized e-commerce store within 1 minute in 4 steps. Hishabee app online shop feature enables you to sell your products anywhere in Bangladesh. We offer domain hosting and server free* with app subscription.

Benefits of managing online shop with Hishabee app:

✅ Create an online shop in 1 minute and get your own domain connected.
✅ Fully managed e-commerce website from the mobile app or PC.
✅ Sell your products anywhere in Bangladesh.
✅ Free live chat with customer from your site.
✅ Free domain hosting and server with app subscription.*
✅ 24/7 customer support

*Fair usage policy applicable

How to Create online Shop or Ecommerce with Hishabee app?

Open Hishabee app and go to Advance feature tab>Online Shop

  1. Touch to visit your eCommerce store
  2. Touch to share a link to your web sore
  3. Chat with your customer
  4. Go to publish your store and adjust settings to set logo, banners, social and host domain, etc.
  5. Touch to see customer orders.
  6. Touch to add, publish, and unpublish products
  7. Select template themes for your store.
  8. Host your .Com/.net etc domains.