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What is Expenses? How and Why should you use it?


An Expense book is another essential book you maintain. Other than maintaining multiple books, Hishabee allows customers to use just one app fulfilling all needs. The expense book helps retailers to track all expenses like salary, cost of inventory, rent, utility etc. But at the same time Hishabee’s expense book is integrated with advanced reporting system which helps project your profit and loss.


✅ All costs can be managed on the same screen
✅ Reports can be found quickly and easily, including the category
✅ Employee salaries, new product inventory bills and other expenses can be easily tracked
✅ Profit and loss graph report can be created easily
✅ Where and when the extra cost can be easily found out

How to use Expenses :

  1. You can see your total expenses here. And there are some boxes shows the percentage of every arena.
  2. You can add new arena for expense.
  3. Here you can see your all arena of expenses.