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What is Due List? How and Why should you use it?

Due List:

The Due list is a feature designed to help SME businesses to keep track of dues, Hishabee team understands that it’s tough to maintain your dues. With the help of due lists, it is now easy to keep track of the due amount, save the customer’s name, phone number and address, in cases you can also take pictures of the customer or product. Hishabee also provides due reminders to help track and collect your due amount.


✅ It is easy to keep track of which customer has left which product
✅ You can see the complete history of any customers due payment
✅ Through digital payment the rest of the money can be taken
✅ The alerts/reminders can be sent to the customer via SMS or phone

How to use Due List:

  1. You can see your total “lend” and “Borrowed” in this section. “Due History” will show you the total day, week, month wise due details chart.
  2. Search the due sell list from the search option.
  3. The recent due transactions are shown here.
  4. Click this button to add a new due entry.