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How to use Hishabee’s Bluetooth Receipt Printer

What is Hishabee’s Bluetooth Receipt Printer

With Hishabee you can connect our Bluetooth printer to print your sales receipt. All you will need is our Bluetooth printer and Hishabee Business Manager Application. With Hishabee’s premium quality printer you will get a 1-year replacement warranty, the printer has 3-4 days battery life with fast-charging capabilities. Straight out of the box you will get:

  1. A Premium Printer
  2. User Manual
  3. 1 Receipt Roll
  4. Charger Cable

Why should you use Hishabee’s Bluetooth Printer

Hishabee allows you to easily connect and printer receipts, here is why you should use this feature:

✅ Gain customer trust of your business by providing a sales receipt
✅ Print a QR code of your online shop in the receipts to increase sales
✅ Save time and effort from handwriting sales receipts

How to Connect

To connect the printer follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. First Turn on the Bluetooth Printer by long pressing the RED Power Button.
  2. Then from your Hishabee app, find the printer option from the advance section, click on Add Printer.
  3. You will be promted to allow permissions, please allow the permission and find the printer BM58E, click on it to connect. Put the pin 0000 to conntect the printer.

How to Print

You can easily print receipts of your sales. All you need to do is:

  1. Open Sell Feature and add products to your cart
  2. Complete the sell, and then you will be prompted with a Digital receipt.
  3. Below the receipt You can click on Print Receipt button to open the printer option.
  4. From there simply click on Print to start the print.

How to Buy

Buying a premium Hishabee Bluetooth printer is easier than ever now, see how you can get a printer for yourself:

  1. Open the Marketing shop, click on Accessories to access the Printers. Or
  2. Open the Printer option from the standard section and click on the Buy Printer option.

Once the purchase is finalised, you will be delivered to the printer within 3-4 days of the payment.