What is Contacts? How and Why should you use it?


The “Contact” feature is your own personalized CRM that lives and sleeps in your pocket. Hishabee Business manager’s contact list helps to maintain a business contact book, this book contains your customers, employees and suppliers. The contact book helps a vendor to easily create due lists, EMI’s and much more. Overall the best use of the contact list is to create a personalized customer list that business owners can maintain.


✅ Communication with everyone can be easily managed from the same screen.
✅ Keep track of all your sales and customers, track what your customers purchased and save their purchase history.
✅ Employee accounts, their salaries and other information can be saved, track which employee sold which product to which customer.
✅ Various information including customer list, their purchase history, mobile number, address can be saved
✅ The name of the supplier, the history of their supply, the contact information can be saved

How to use Contacts:

  1. You can communicate with employees, buyers and suppliers from a single screen
  2. You can add new staff here by going to add new staff option
  3. There is also an option to add staff from the phonebook
  4. You can see all staffs salary report on Salary Report option
  5. You can see the salary report by clicking on a staff on the staff list
  6. You can add a new buyer from the buyer by clicking on the add new buyer option
  7. also there is your list of buyers on the buyers tab
  8. You can add new suppliers from suppliers by clicking on the add new add new supplier option.
  9. you can see the list of suppliers on the suppliers tab.