What is Hishabee’s Business Overview? How and Why should you use it?


All business owner’s need is to see business how their business is going, With Hishabee Business Manager’s reports you can very easily see your business overview. Hishabee Team understands that it is difficult for business owners to keep track of their sales, transactions, expenses, inventory and everything else. It becomes more difficult to see sales and profits. Thus Hishabee has brought you an easy to use reporting system where its advanced reporting tool helps show a vendor’s gross and net profit on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis.


✅ There is a smart, simple report of all business transactions on one page.
✅ Easily see your business cash flow, profit, expenses and product value.
✅ Easily track your employees and how much they have sold.
✅ Filter by date to see the history of business records.
✅ Gives an instant idea of ​​the dynamics of the whole business.
✅ Get accurate business reports and analytics.

How to use Report:

  1. At the beginning of the report you will find today’s sales and spending amount
  2. Below today’s selling options you will find the amount of today’s total profit
  3. If you click on the sales report text from the right side, you will get the list of sales by day, week, month
  4. You will find a list of all expenses in the expense report option from the right side of today’s expenditure
  5. If you scroll down now, the sales and cost pi-chart report will be according to the month, respectively.
  6. You can watch the video of using the online store from the blue question icon on the top right, in full Bengali.