Partnering – [Chhaya]

Chhaya partnering with Hishabee Technologies Limited so that they can have access to Hishabee Business Manager mobile app and software to offer insurance services through Hishabee’s platform and will provide Chhaya’s service offering through Hishabee’s platform and act as a sales agent. 

Provider: Pragati Life Insurance Company

Chhaya will provide insurance service through Pragati Life Insurance Company to Hishabee’s users

How are we giving it?

We are providing free insurance service (both Fire and Burglary) through our new subscription model. Users can avail the new subscription and enjoy free insurance service for 1 year both for Fire and Burglary.

Terms and Condition: Free Insurance

  • User can avail free insurance service by purchasing Hishabee’s subscription
  • They can have both Fire and Burglary insurance for 1 year through the subscription
  • User have to meet the eligibility criteria for availing both the insurances
  • If user doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria for both insurances but they meet for only one insurance then they can avail one insurance service full 100% coverage
  •  If user avail both the insurance then they will avail 50% coverage for  each
  • For claim process, user have to submit all the required documents and meet the criteria according to the policy of the insurance provider
  • Users can renew the insurance for the next consecutive year but for that they don’t have to purchase the subscription again. User only have to pay the premium + vat including service cost 

Eligibility Criteria for Burglary Insurance for Hishabee’s Users:

  • 1st class buildings refer to structures with pakka floors, brick walls and RCC/reinforced cement concrete roofs
  • 2nd class and 3rd class buildings are not eligible for Burglary insurance
  • There is only one premium rate for Burglary insurance all over Bangladesh
  • All coverages extend for a period of 1 year
  • Premium rates will remain the same if coverage amounts are increased
  • Burglary coverage can be claimed only if iron safe is broken; other instances of burglary are not covered
  • Copy of General Dairy (GD) with Police, First Investigation Report (FIR) and other evidences need to be submitted for claiming burglary coverage.

Condition: Disclaimer

  • A user can only get insurance for one shop/store etc
  • Hishabee is just a sales agent, Hishabee doesn’t hold any responsibility or take ownership for the claim process.
  • If claim process does not meet, a user cannot blame Hishabee


৳ 5,100

5 Years Subscription. Per day charge ৳ 2

30% OFF

৳ 2,040

2 Years Subscription. Per day charge ৳ 2.1

25% OFF

৳ 1,020

1 Years Subscription. Per day charge ৳ 2.2

20% OFF

৳ 510

6 Months Subscription. Per day charge ৳ 2.4

15% OFF

৳ 85

1 Month Subscription. Per day charge ৳ 2.8


৳ 7,800

5 Years Subscription. Per day charge ৳ 2.6

40% OFF

৳ 3,120

2 Years Subscription. Per day charge ৳ 2.8

35% OFF

৳ 1,560

1 Years Subscription. Per day charge ৳ 3

30% OFF

৳ 780

6 Months Subscription. Per day charge ৳ 3.5

20% OFF

৳ 130

1 Month Subscription. Per day charge ৳ 4.3

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